HEWI active+

HEWI has developed products which have an antimicrobial effect especially for areas with the highest hygiene requirements. The products offer effective protection against bacterial exposure. Microsilver is used, which has broad effectiveness against bacteria and fungi. The microsilver discharges silver ions, which inhibit the growth of bacteria and other unwanted germs and therefore minimise the risk of infection for humans. Within 24 hours unwanted germs on the surface of the products are reduced continuously, so that during this period 99.9 % of the germs are reduced. The integrated antimicrobial protection of HEWI active+ assists hygiene effectively.
The microsilver is uniformly incorporated in the polyamide during production. The additive is therefore firmly bonded with the product and is therefore resistant to UV light and cleaning methods. Due to the porous surface of the microsilver, the material used has an outstanding deposit effect which, after it has been incorporated in the polyamide, has a permanent, reliable effect. HEWI active+ does not harm the environment or the human body. The active ingredient is ECO CERT-certified and suitable for the use of skin care products.


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